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The week before we all got locked down, we were frantically busy at the clinic tying up all the loose ends and feeling generally uneasy about what was in store. To add to my stress that week I was called back from a routine mammogram with an abnormal result. So, whilst worrying about what covid-19

Why do we need sun protection when it’s not sunny?

Good question! Here’s skin expert Dr Lorraine Hill’s answer… it might just save your skin! UVB in the summer Burns our skin. UVA comes through the window on a cloudy winter’s day and Ages us. Then we have HEV light, this is blue light emitted from our screens and indoor lighting, this breaks down our


How Botox Can Affect Your Mood

Botox – also known as botulinum toxin, anti-wrinkle injections – has been used cosmetically for over 15 years and in the NHS for over 30 years. With its strong history in the medical world, alongside the vast amount of safety data, it has become one of the most popular aesthetic procedures in the world. This


Considering Coolsculpting? Let us explain the Hampton Clinic difference…

Why should you choose Hampton Clinic for your CoolSculpting treatment? We had a brainstorming session with the lovely Bethan at our away day on Wednesday and well… the list is impressive; ❄️Consultations with Dr Hill are FREE and without obligation ❄️5 years experience as a Coolsculpting centre ❄️Dr Hill is a Key Opinion Leader in this


February, ‘the month of love’… but what does it mean to truly love oneself? Some words of wisdom from our Life Coach and Counsellor Melpo…

Listening to your body – resting when you’re tired, taking a proper lunch break away from the computer, taking some time out for yourself, going to the toilet when you need to rather than delaying for another hour! Why is it so hard for us to do the things we know we should do for


How do you choose a reputable and safe Aesthetic Practitioner?

  Anyone considering aesthetic procedures should do plenty of research on what treatment they want and the person who will be performing it.   You should check your practitioner has their claimed qualifications, for doctors you can look on the GMC register and nurses have a nursing register the NMC. Make sure they are registered,