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One of Dr Hill’s greatest passions is helping patients with problematic skin using ZO skincare. She has been out to Beverley Hills to have training with Dr Obagi, the inventor of this amazing brand. It was here she learned of the detrimental effects of using moisturiser. Dr Hill has spent the last few years sharing her expert knowledge with moisturiser addicted clients, to educate them about why they need to kick the habit;

‘The problem with high street moisturisers, is that they effectively glue the top layers of skin cells in place. These cells are dead, lacklustre and need to be shed naturally, not stuck in place with oil, dirt and debris! Therefore, the first problem we are facing is dull skin which has lost its vitality.

In addition, moisturiser is making our hard-working skin lazy! When the cells in the deep layer of our skin receive the message from the top layers that they are moist enough, the fibroblasts deep in our dermis stop making their own moisture and don’t make as much collagen and elastin and so become less effective. This is then a vicious cycle, with patients applying more moisturiser in an attempt to achieve a hydrated feeling, and becoming hooked! This in turn ages our skin.

Moisturisers therefore aren’t just a waste of money but are actively working against our skin’s health and balance. Instead, we recommend a protocol of ZO products to lead the patient’s skin back to its healthiest and most youthful state. Each ZO product is classed as a medicine so they are allowed to penetrate deeper into the skin and work on a cellular level, giving results that high street brands can’t match.’

Dr Hill is passionate about skin health, and offers free consultations to patients in both her Knowle and Hampton – in – Arden clinics.

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