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We are noticing an increase in Hydrafacial bookings as we move into Summer. But why is this? Here are five insights into why our Solihull clients are going Hydrafacial crazy now summer is on the horizon:


  • To de-gunk before holiday!

We collect so much dead skin, oil and debris in our pores and we all want to go away feeling our best, and without breakouts. A few Hydrafacials before you jet-set away will give you the perfect canvas for catching that tan (but don’t forget your broad spectrum SPF!)


  • To help with hydration.

Sunshine, heat, and sweating can be very dehydrating and you can’t hide the effects of this in your skin. It’s important to drink plenty of water but why not supercharge your skin’s hydration with a boost to the top layers? Powerful targeted serums packed with peptides and hyaluronic acid are infused into the skin to reduce fine lines and bring your skin back to life.


  • Because Summer is the most social time of year!

And we all like to look our best when we’ve got a packed social calendar. BBQs, brunches, picnics and hot summer nights all feel better when you’re truly skin confident.


  • Because nobody likes wearing thick foundation in the Summer…

And with really good, healthy skin there will be no need to hide textural issues, blackheads and fine lines behind a mask of make up. Regular Hydrafacials keep on top of a number of skin concerns.


  • To repair the effects of sun, sea and SPF.

After a summer holiday, our skin is often crying out for a deep clean. Salt, chlorine, sweat and SPF will often take its toll on the health of our skin. A post-holiday Hydrafacial can rewind the effects of sun damage and a skipped skincare routine.


Hydrafacials can be booked online and are available at both our Knowle and Hampton in Arden Clinics. For more information, get in touch and we will be happy to help.


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