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By Dr Hill

At Hampton Clinic we love to restore people, not only physically but also mentally.

Aging is tough on us all, men and women alike, it effects our self esteem and confidence. We are all our own worst critics, homing in on every minor defect. I try to encourage people to stand back and look at the overall picture which is generally much more positive, and then ask people to consider the alternative to growing old. We must be grateful for the privilege and embrace aging.

But let us help you do it well.

Our mission statement is “to take you on a journey of restoration making you the best version of yourself, in an environment of luxury and relaxation”. Our philosophy is to do this through building relationships and education.

There is so much we have to offer, starting with a coffee and a comfy chair when you arrive. I always start with listening to your concerns, whether it’s the face or the body. Then I will give you an overview of the services we offer that will be beneficial in achieving your goals, or what I think will maximise your potential. There will be a written summary, laying out clear costs, with no pressure to commit to anything.

No one treatment can resolve all problems. We age at many levels.

Starting at the top in the skin layer, damage can be repaired with medical grade skincare, skin peels, lasers and good facials (HydraFacial).

Below the skin we have a fatty layer which pads out the face, creating smooth contours. These fat pockets all seem to end up in the wrong place with gravity over time, resulting with jowls and deep aging shadows; this is where fillers come in. In skillful hands the filler gel is used to replace lost volume and take away a few shadows. When done well it is so subtle, no one will know. You just look rested and fresh.

Deeper down we have muscle which is getting a bit lax and needs tightening. This can be done non surgically with heat-based machines. With our top of the range FDA-cleared and CE-marked machines, we can deliver heat for tightening either with ultrasound (Ultherapy) or radiofrequency (Morpheus8).

Now there is always the hair and the tortoise, some people will say “I want it all and I want it now”, others will be very anxious about embarking upon their journey. I always suggest pacing yourself according to your budget, your anxiety levels, and your pain tolerance.

At Hampton Clinic we enjoy building relationships with our patients; we believe that our relationships with you are long term, so everything has your best interests at heart.

Check out our Google reviews to hear it directly from those that have already embarked on their journey to restoration with Hampton Clinic.


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