Morpheus is a treatment for loose skin, poor texture, fine lines, wrinkles, pores and scarring.

Morpheus combines skin needling and radiofrequency energy. Skin needling is one of the longest standing beauty treatments for effective rejuvenation. It is based on the principle of causing “micro-traumas” in the skin, the body’s response is to repair this injury by making new collagen and elastin.



We combine this technique with radiofrequency (heat energy), the energy is transmitted between the pins deep under the skin, so you get a combined rejuvenation from both needling and heat. This results in resurfacing and tightening of your skin. Morpheus has the added benefit of using additional longer pins which treat into the fat layer below the skin. This has the effect of fat coagulation and contraction. Thermal heat energy stimulates fibroblasts resulting in new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, and causes fat contraction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Morpheus would be uncomfortable without pain relief. We use a strong anaesthetic cream which makes the whole procedure tolerable.

Fractora and Morpheus are similar in their modes of action. Morpheus has longer needles and heat treats to a deeper level. Morpheus can treat below the dermis and cause contraction of the subcutaneous fat, this is better for toning the face. Fractora can do very superficial levels which is better for surface texture.

You will not look different, but healthier and well, you skin will look better quality and firmer.

There is very little downtime with Morpheus because we are mainly treating below the surface, you may look red for 24 hours with a little mild puffiness or swelling.

Yes, you do not need to avoid the sun with this treatment, as we are treating deeper levels that don’t stimulate the pigment cells.

Yes, although you would not do a superficial treatment in a dark skin type.

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