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Daily Power Defense is one of our biggest selling products in the ZO range. But why is this powerful antioxidant in everyone’s bathroom cabinet? Contrary to popular belief, the sun is not the only cause of skin damage! Every day, our whole body is under assault from oxidative stress, caused by a number of environmental

Is lower face laxity getting you down?

So many of our clients notice that as they age, they lose elasticity and definition in their lower face. This can cause a sagging appearance, making us appear older and more tired. Luckily there are so many treatments and products available which can help with this very common concern. Here are our top 5 tips


Dr Hill explains why you need to ditch that high street moisturiser!

One of Dr Hill’s greatest passions is helping patients with problematic skin using ZO skincare. She has been out to Beverley Hills to have training with Dr Obagi, the inventor of this amazing brand. It was here she learned of the detrimental effects of using moisturiser. Dr Hill has spent the last few years sharing


A Sunny, Sparkling Open Day with the Mayor!

On Saturday, we welcomed local guests to our Open Day and official opening of the Knowle Clinic. The team spent the weeks leading up to it working hard to make sure guests had a great time. We were so thrilled to be joined by The Mayor of Solihull, Councillor Ken Meeson and The Mayoress, Mrs


Why is Summer the perfect time to start having Hydrafacials?

We are noticing an increase in Hydrafacial bookings as we move into Summer. But why is this? Here are five insights into why our Solihull clients are going Hydrafacial crazy now summer is on the horizon:   To de-gunk before holiday! We collect so much dead skin, oil and debris in our pores and we


Why is Coolsculpting so popular?

Coolsculpting is the world’s number one non-surgical fat reduction system. Over 10 million treatments have been performed worldwide with life-changing results. Here in our two Solihull based branches of Hampton Clinic, we have treated hundreds of satisfied clients. But why are so many of us, including A-List celebrities turning to Coolsculpting to help achieve the