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Muddy tries the non-invasive alternative to filler and botox that’s adored by the A-listers. A red-carpet favourite of Beyoncé, Kate Winslet and Insurgent star Suki Waterhouse, the great thing about the HydraFacial is that it takes as little as 30 minutes and gives immediate results. It’s good for all ages and complexions including teenagers with acne,

I Took Beauty Supplements For A Month – Here’s How They Affected My Skin

Confession: I’ll do almost anything in the pursuit of glowing skin. I’m a sucker for treatments and products that will make my visage the best it can be, whether it’s getting chemical peels, drinking goat’s milk kefir (yes, it’s as rank as it sounds), or bathing in seaweed (yup, my flat smelled like the salty ocean).


CoolSculpting at Hampton Clinic – My experience & your questions answered

Four weeks ago I had Coolsculpting* at Hampton Clinic. You may have seen snippets of my treatment on my Insta stories. I want to tell you about my experience and I’ve had lots of questions about the treatment itself so I’ll talk you through it and hopefully I’ll answer all of them for you in this post. It’s a


Notes on… Hampton Clinic

Set back into the grounds of Hampton Manor, exists a haven of relaxation that feels more like a dreamy Cotswold spa than a location fifteen minutes by train from New Street. And you really wouldn’t know Hampton Clinic was there unless someone told you. So as is customary, we’re stepping up to the job. Captaining the lushly


Inside Hampton Clinic – a haven of beauty in Solihull

Hampton Manor has even more to offer than a Michelin star In a world of office chairs, smart phones and 24/7 news, the opportunity to lie back as a masseuse rubs aromatherapy oils into your weary limbs is always a treat. But Hampton Clinic , a three-room cottage tucked away in the woodlands of Hampton Manor , a country