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Hampton Manor has even more to offer than a Michelin star

Inside Hampton Clinic - a haven of beauty in Solihull
Dr Lorraine Hill with patient

In a world of office chairs, smart phones and 24/7 news, the opportunity to lie back as a masseuse rubs aromatherapy oils into your weary limbs is always a treat.

But Hampton Clinic , a three-room cottage tucked away in the woodlands of Hampton Manor , a country house hotel in Solihull, is not a typical salon.

Hidden behind towering pine trees, the clinic offers more than massages, facials and pedicures.

This is where women come to be made more beautiful.

Dr Lorraine Hill at Hampton Clinic
Dr Lorraine Hill at Hampton Clinic

Run by Dr Lorraine Hill, the clinic offers Botox, Dermal Fillers and CoolSculpting – a new technology which freezes fat and makes tummy rolls, bingo wings and thigh wobble disappear leaving no saggy skin.

After working as a GP for 20 years, Dr Hill decided to move into aesthetics following a suggestion from a friend that she might enjoy Botox. Dr Hill immediately took to smoothing foreheads.

Dr Lorraine Hill stands outside Hampton Clinic
Dr Lorraine Hill stands outside Hampton Clinic

“It’s fun, creative and very practical,” she said.

Her brother, who runs Hampton Manor – where Peel’s Restaurant was recently awarded a Michelin star – offered her the cottage in the grounds. Her clients, mainly women between 30 and 60, come here for her extensive medical expertise, the beautiful surroundings and the discretion.

“It is not off the high street – no one is going to see you enter and wonder what treatment you are having.”

Our writer outside Hampton Manor
Our writer outside Hampton Manor

CoolSculpting is the treatment she most enjoys administering.

The photographs are astonishing: wobbly tummies become flat bellies; double chins disappear; bingo wings are eradicated.

Dr Hill prides herself on trying all of the treatments.

“If I administer it, I have tried it.”

Justine massages at Hampton Clinic
Justine massages at Hampton Clinic

She showed me the before photograph of her tummy after the birth of her three children.

The after picture shows a firm, trim, natural-looking middle. She is a big fan of Plexr, a plasma technology that zaps skin cells and is particularly good at removing excess skin and moles.

She used it to remove the heavy skin around her eyelids.

Only five years ago, these treatments didn’t exist and Botox was still spoken of in whispers.

As Justine works away at the knots in my neck and shoulders, I realise that a one-and-a-half hour Plexr session which will tighten your wobbly chin is no more extreme than having your highlights done.

Our writer after the massage
Our writer after the massage

When the time comes, I hope I go to a clinic which feels safe and where I know I’m in the hands of a trained doctor. Where I can return to the hustle and bustle of real life, a little fresher around the eyes, my waist a little trimmer, my forehead just a little bit smoother.

This article originally appeared on Birmingham Live

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