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Set back into the grounds of Hampton Manor, exists a haven of relaxation that feels more like a dreamy Cotswold spa than a location fifteen minutes by train from New Street. And you really wouldn’t know Hampton Clinic was there unless someone told you. So as is customary, we’re stepping up to the job.

Notes on... Hampton Clinic

Captaining the lushly decorated ship is Lorraine Hill, a doctor of twenty years’ experience that legit has 26 letters after her name — yes, we counted. So expect a full Harley Street-style menu of fillers, sculpturs and rollers, minus the Harley Street-style price tag.

The team also offers a full suite of beauty treatments, and we opted for a classic aromatherapy massage, in the cosy, countrified room pictured. When asked about pressure — as we have on so many occasions — we requested ‘firm’, but this was the first time we can recall getting 75 minutes of genuinely firm hands on us. After having one of those weeks, and basically sprinting to the clinic (totally our fault), our therapist had everything to do in terms of actually relaxing us. Fast forward thirty minutes and we’re 100% sure we’d been napping, and not only because we’d been dribbling… We spent the rest of the day being told how incredible we smelt, and glowy we looked by anyone we walked near. It was a great day to be us.

A bespoke aromatherapy massage is £40 for 30 minutes, £70 for 60 minutes, or £85 for 75 minutes.

This article originally appeared on Bell & Smokey

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