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Here’s some food for thought from Dr Sally Bell, Lifestyle and Integrative Medicine specialist about reaching or maintaining your target weight;

“It might surprise you that I never start by looking at what you are eating!
When working with clients, I consider sleep first and here is a little of the explanation to why. 
When we have less than seven good quality hours of sleep at night the chance of healthy weight loss or maintenance is slim, and it has little to do with will power.
After poor sleep, the following happens: – the release of the hormone Leptin, which is responsible for telling you you are full, is suppressed. -the release of the hormone Ghrelin, which signals that you are hungry increases. -your blood sugar control is disregulated leading to sugar cravings. -if you do calorie restrict following poor sleep, you will use muscle mass and not fat.
Look out for my next post on reaching a healthy weight and discover it isn’t just what we eat that is important. Alternatively, come and see me in the clinic and we can work on personalised health plan together”.

For more information, or to speak to Sally, contact us on 01675 760644 or info@hamptonclinic.co.uk

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