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If you’re interested in Aesthetic rejuvenation then you’ve probably already heard of Profhilo, ‘The Injectable Moisturiser’.

Profhilo is the express injectable ‘tweakment’ which takes just 15 minutes and gives an undeniable glow.

Unlike dermal fillers, Profhilo is very light with a watery consistency, allowing it to spread and diffuse beautifully in the upper layers of the skin offering instant hydration as well as promoting better collagen production over time.

The treatment improves skin texture, aids hydration, softens fine lines and improves laxity. It does not add volume or structure in the way that dermal fillers do.

Dr Hill administers the product in a specific 10 point pattern across the face, and many patients choose to have their neck treated too as often this is the first area to give away our age!

Profhilo injections are very superficial and therefore immediately after you may look like you’ve been stung by bees! Once the product has diffused, you will notice a beautiful, hydrated effect. Then over time, your body produces better quality collagen which gives a youthful appearance, alongside the hyaluronic acid of the Profhilo.

You have your first treatment on day 1, followed by the same treatment again 28 days later. After this we recommend maintenance visits every 3 to 6 months to maintain the beautiful results.

Profhilo can sting a bit, but it’s a very quick treatment and once you’ve experienced the ‘Profhilo Glow’ you’ll never look back.

Profhilo costs £350 for one area and £550 for two areas.

Consultations with Dr Hill are free and without obligation.

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