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Morpheus and Fractora are brand names for “fractional radiofrequency” they are both the same procedure but simply vary in intensity. Fractional radiofrequency is skin needling with radiofrequency energy applied through the needles.

When you perform skin needling, multiple tiny needles pierce the skin creating little injuries. Just as when you cut yourself, it heals with a scab, the body will repair all the little needle injuries by making new collagen and elastin, hence rejuvenating the skin, improving the tone and texture. Fractional radiofrequency takes this one step further, and whilst the needles are in the skin, we apply radiofrequency energy which emits heat. Heat is another way of stimulating new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

Fractora has two types of needles, coated and uncoated. With a coated needle the energy only comes out through the tip of the needle under the surface of the skin, resulting in very little downtime. With the uncoated needles the energy is emitted from the whole needle, delivering heat energy to the surface of the skin and below the surface. This is the gold standard of treatment for acne scarring but can result in more redness with downtime of a few days. The Fractora needles go 2.5mm deep.

Morpheus follows the same principles of the coated Fractora pins, however, the needles of Morpheus can go deeper, with options of 1, 2 , 3 and 4mm. Deeper treatments deliver heat below the skin into the fat layer, which causes contraction of the fat. With 2 passes of the needles you can treat within the skin for maximal collagen and elastin boost, then into the fat for tightening.

Each treatment will trigger your cells to start making collagen and elastin, from that trigger, it takes 3-4months for the new collagen to be made. Three treatments a month apart are recommended to see the best results.

All the most effective treatments are usually uncomfortable, people can experience anything from a stinging sensation to a hot and painful sensation. At Hampton clinic we always try to manage this and minimize any discomfort by using strong anaesthetic cream and pain killers.

Within a few weeks you can start to see a healthy glow to your skin and feel tighter, but over the next 12 months your collagen will be building up and you will see you face feeling firmer with good texture and hydration.

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