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People often say ‘if you want to know a woman’s true age, look at her hands!’

Hands are notorious for showing signs of age, usually before the face and even the neck.

The reason for this is that hands are constantly exposed to the sun and its ageing UVA rays. Unlike the face, neck and decolletage which we (hopefully) remember to protect with SPF, the hands often go without any sun protection. This can lead to uneven pigmentation, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, dehydration and skin laxity.

Another contributing factor to our hands looking older, is how active they are! Whatever your occupation, your hands are busy all day. Washing up without gloves, typing, gardening , exposure to chemicals and general life can cause signs of ageing.

So, the question is what can we do about this common concern? Luckily, there’s a lot on offer at Hampton Clinic to help rejuvenate your hands, and make them look more youthful.

One of the most effective treatments available for age spots is IPL (intense pulsed light) which targets uneven pigmentation. A course of 2 or 3 treatments creates a more even toned appearance while boosting collagen and elastin for general rejuvenation.

Dehydration and poor texture can be tackled effectively with Profhilo, ‘the injectable moisturiser’. A very light product is expertly administered just below the skin’s surface to instantly boost hydration, while promoting the production of the body’s own collagen. We recommend 3-6 monthly maintenance after the initial Profhilo treatment.

If you’re looking for a luxurious cream to use at home, then we highly recommend ZO’s body emulsion for beautifully smooth skin on your hands and body all year round.

The cherry on the cake of any anti-ageing plan is a top-quality collagen supplement such as Skin Fusion by ZENii, packed full of marine collagen as well as other powerful nutrients.

So, when it comes to hand rejuvenation, we hope you’re feeling inspired! It’s always best to book a consultation with Dr Hill for personalised anti-ageing advice, so head to our online booking system or get in touch at treatments@hamptonclinic.co.uk or 01675 760644.



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