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We need to talk about something important…

Here at Hampton Clinic, we take safety and ethics seriously.

Unfortunately, the aesthetic medicine industry isn’t very well regulated and so it’s easy to feel tempted to go to less than reputable practitioners, especially if they are offering bargain basement prices (there is always a reason!)

We wanted to share with you Dr Hill’s top five questions to ask when you’re deciding who to trust with your health, safety and looks…


1. Are they medically qualified?

Ideally, your injector should be a Doctor, Dentist or Nurse. These people have an in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy and can act quickly in the rare event that you may experience a side effect.

A Doctor will also understand how pre-existing medical conditions and medications may interact with certain medical treatments to avoid complications.


2. Do they do this regularly?

An injector may be highly qualified in their area of medicine, but if they only have an aesthetic clinic once a month, they will not have the same level of skill and expertise as someone who practises day in, day out or at regular clinics.


3. Does this practitioner have an artistic eye?

Do they understand the natural progression of ageing, and understand how to restore youth sympathetically and naturally? Ask to see some before and after photos.


4. Do you feel pressured or incentivised to go ahead with treatment?

Patients need to have time to consider the risks and benefits of medical treatments without feeling obligation to go ahead. There should never be any financial incentive to making a quick decision. If you feel pressured to have a medical treatment quickly (or at all) then you have gone to the wrong place.


5. Are they Save Face registered?

Save Face is the national register of accredited practitioners who practise non-surgical cosmetic treatments. They are doing incredible work to try and raise standards of safety and care in the aesthetic medicine industry. Their non-biased register of providers is your safest bet to ensure your face is safe in the hands of whoever you choose (of course you’ll find us on there!) https://www.saveface.co.uk/about-us/


So, we hope this is helpful to you when choosing who to trust to guide you on your journey to restoration. If you have any questions or are interested in an initial consultation, then don’t hesitate to get in touch or book online





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