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ZO skincare is suitable for all skin types, whether simply to maintain a healthy complexion, or to deal with problematic or ageing skin. Whatever the indication, everybody will start with the same 5 fundamental steps which will be tailored to your individual skin type. With these basic steps in place, we can then add in additional “hero” products for specific issues such as pigmentation, acne, rosacea, pores or cellulite.


The five fundamental steps are as follows:





  1. Cleanse your face with a 5 pence size blob of cleanser and warm water. Morning and evening. Wash for 60 seconds, it is full of good vitamins and nutrients and is a treatment in itself. It is enough to take off all makeup, so you don’t need additional harsh makeup remover. Avoid hot water on face and heat such as saunas, it can stimulate the oil glands and worsen congestion.


  1. Scrub with a 5 pence size blob of scrub and warm water once a day only, for 40 seconds, the last 5 seconds gently around the eyes. Initially you may only tolerate this once or twice a week, as it can make your skin feel dry and stingy or burning. As you get used to it you can build up to every day.


  1. Oil control pads/or toner. You should wipe your whole face with both sides of the pad morning and evening, or splash on toner like aftershave. Again, initially they may sting or dry your skin a bit, but you will get used to them. So maybe start with 2-3x a week and gradually build up to every day morning and evening.


Do not use moisturiser unless you are feeling really dry and uncomfortable, it can take months to wean off it, but the time will come when you don’t feel the need for it any more.


  1. Anti-oxidants (daily power defence or vitamin c); the environment is full of pollution in the form of free radicals. These bind to our skin, denaturing our collagen and elastin. Antioxidant creams mops up all the free radicals and prevents damage, they also aid repair of DNA. These creams will hydrate your skin and replace the need for moisturiser. 2 pumps in the morning is a standard regimen, however, you can use more if you feel dry during the day.


5.Daily SPF protects our skin from ageing due to light damage which occurs winter and summer.






  1. Cleanse


  1. Oil pads/toner


3.The evening cream can either be a retinol-based cream or a cream with growth factors, both of which stimulate fibroblast cells to make more collagen and elastin, and more hydration.


Retinol is applied as 2 pumps at night, (skin brightener, wrinkle and texture repair, radical night repair) or growth factor serum 2 pumps.


Retinol can be irritant if you have not had this before. Start using it twice a week. Any reactivity occurs 3 days after application. You may experience redness, dryness or peeling. This is all good for your skin, but if you are struggling you can use 1 pump less often and gradually build up to 2 pumps every night.


Retinol can be combined with a lightening agent if anyone has problems with pigmentation.


Growth factor serum should not cause any irritation.


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