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Christmas can be a tough time for our skin. Extra sugar in chocolatey treats and alcohol can leave us prone to breakouts, as well as a lapse in our usual bedtime skincare routine. Don’t despair – here are our top tips for festive skincare;


  • Keep it simple! On late nights, just stick to a simple 3 step cleanse, scrub, oil control regime. For example, ZO Exfoliating Cleanser, followed by Dual Action Scrub and then Oil control pads takes just 2 minutes and keeps your skin healthy and clear.


  • Try and keep your water intake up! Hydrated skin starts from within after all. If you struggle with drinking water on its own, try herbal teas or add a splash of lemon to warm water.


  • Give your skin a break from make-up. On quieter days, let your skin breathe! If you suffer from oiliness, the quiet days between Christmas and new year are perfect for using a face mask like ZO complexion clearing masque to absorb excess oil and calm inflammation.


  • Add some Jane Iredale mineral make up to your Christmas list (for when you want to glam up without causing breakouts!) It’s not called ‘The skin care make up’ for nothing. Jane Iredale minerals are so pure, you can use their range of foundations straight after a Hydrafacial!


  • Don’t skip the SPF – festive walks can expose you to more sun than you think. Anyone who takes skin health seriously will know that SPF isn’t just for the summer months. Even on cloudy days, and indoors your skin is under attack from different kinds of harmful light. Take a few moments to protect your skin with a ZO SPF of your choice. Your skin will thank you for it.


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