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So… what does it mean that we are a Save Face centre of excellence? Well…

💙 We are who we say we are

💙 Dr Hill is a registered Healthcare professional

💙 Her qualifications are genuine and relevant

💙 Her training is appropriate

💙 We are fully insured

💙 We undertake regular training updates

💙 We comply with Health and Safety Legislation

💙 We are fastidiously clean

💙We have the necessary equipment and facilities to provide safe treatments

💙 We use only genuine products

💙 Products and equipment used are appropriately licensed

💙 Products and equipment used are evidence based

💙 We source our products and equipment from legitimate suppliers

💙Products and equipment are appropriately stored and maintained


So, you can rest easy when choosing Hampton Clinic for your aesthetic treatments. Don’t settle for anything less. Your face is safe in our hands! 👐

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