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The week before we all got locked down, we were frantically busy at the clinic tying up all the loose ends and feeling generally uneasy about what was in store.

To add to my stress that week I was called back from a routine mammogram with an abnormal result. So, whilst worrying about what covid-19 meant for our health, economy and business, I was also worrying that I might have breast cancer.

After 4 hours of tests/scans 10 biopsies and 10 days of waiting, I was told I had the all clear. That couple of weeks will be for ever memorable.

After being told I was “well’, I signed up to the NHS call “your country needs you”! I was approved to work and was told to wait to be called up. Ironically GP land-from whence I came…became an eerily quiet twilight zone, and whilst being readily available, I wasn’t needed. My GP sister said she had never known work to be so quiet.

So, I have spent my time gardening, walking the dogs, attempting to run, get fit and keep my weight down, (a forever losing battle)! My 3 children 15/13/11 years came up to the clinic every day to “do” school. They each had a room and a computer, and it was great to have a change of scenery. It gave me the opportunity to watch lots of educational webinars and do personal development as well as contemplate how we might develop the business.

It has been a well appreciated rest for me, in contrast with my poor husband who has had to continue to work at full capacity as well as managing any business and financial affairs of Hampton Clinic.

We have been continually grateful for our health and fully aware how that can change at a moment’s notice. I have loved my time being at home, in the garden and with family which leaves me with a tension because I also love my work.

I am back into the full swing of work now and am loving seeing people again, I’m just going to have to work on that work / life balance!

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