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Do you worry about losing muscle mass, balance and mobility as you age?


When it comes to future-proofing your body, maintaining muscle mass should be one of our top priorities. Loss of muscle mass can cause a decline in stamina, loss of mobility, and general weakness.


A strong core can protect against back injuries and pain, whereas strong glutes and legs help ensure future independence, stability when walking and a reduced risk of falls.


More muscle means a better metabolism, and improved outcomes if injury occurs. If you’re a keen sports person, strong legs and buttocks is perfect in preparation for running, skiing and competitive sports.


So, if you’re not a fan of weight training (or want to maximise the results of your hard work in the gym), then we have the solution.


Emsculpt Neo is our world-leading muscle strengthening device which can help increase muscle mass by 25%.


When you invest in Emsculpt Neo, you can lie back during your 30 minute sessions while the machine does the hard work for you. Delivering 20,000 muscle contractions during the treatment time, it ensures muscle growth with the added benefits of cellulite reduction and skin tightening.


Improved functional strength can help you maintain your energy and independence, and most importantly live life to the fullest!


We recommend a course of 4 or 8 Emsculpt Neo sessions, with regular maintenance. It can be used to improve the functional strength of:

  • Abdomens (as well as improving diastasis recti)
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Triceps and Biceps


Treatments are from £200 each.

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