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Do you feel frustrated that you can’t get a simple answer to this question?

There is a good reason why not, there isn’t a straight-forward answer! That is why you are usually encouraged to come and see us for a complimentary consultation, so we can explain everything in detail.

At Hampton Clinic you will be in the most experienced medical hands, Dr Hill is the UK’s only Coolsculpting medical advisor due to her vast experience.

To answer the question, you need to understand a little about Coolsculpting.

Firstly, it is the original fat freezing device and as result they patented the most important parts of the treatment, making it the safest and only fat freezing device that is FDA cleared (the hallmark of safety for medical devices). This superiority in treatments is reflected in the price.

We can treat many areas including:
double chins, man boobs, bingo wings, stomach fat, hips, bra fat, outer thighs, inner thighs and knees.

There are different size applicators depending on the area to treat, each applicator costs the same regardless of size except for the extra-large applicator. This one has twice the surface area of the standard applicator and carries a levy of £100 extra.

Most treatments use the standard applicator which is about the size of your hand. We call one treatment with one applicator “a cycle”. Each different area of your body that we treat will need a different number of cycles depending on the amount of fat that you have. Typically, an abdomen may need 4 cycles, one in each quadrant, you may need 1 cycle per arm for bingo wings, or sometimes 2 if you have long arms or a lot of fat. Hips may require 1 or 2 depending on how far the fat extends.

The price per cycle at Hampton Clinic is £650 if you only have 1 cycle, such as doing a small double chin, although a large double chin may want 2 or even 3 cycles. If you buy a package of cycles such as 4 for the stomach or 8 for stomach and hips, then the price comes down per cycles at low as £450 per cycle.

Coolsculpting is permanent, on average you will lose 27% of the fat that we freeze, so if you have a large roll of fat it may not be enough to freeze it only once. You may want to freeze it a second time. When we retreat an area for the second time, we charge £250 for a standard applicator or £350 for the large applicator.

We review all our clients at 3 months, to ensure they are happy with the results.

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