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Acne is one of the most debilitating skin conditions, with sufferers reporting low self-esteem and confidence issues.

Sadly, acne often first shows up during puberty, at a time when young people are going through many changes. For this reason, Dr Hill is passionate about taking control of the situation as soon as possible so that teenagers don’t suffer unnecessarily. Dealt with quickly, we can avoid seeing adults with historical scarring which can be much trickier to treat.

Acne is caused by excess sebum, which becomes trapped in pores along with dead skin cells, and becomes infected. It can range in severity from blackheads and pustules, through to severely infected cystic acne which is as painful as it is unsightly.

In some extreme cases, medication may be necessary but there is so much that we can do with a simple ZO Skin Health regime which even the trickiest teens can stick to! Sufficient cleansing, exfoliation and oil control will make a noticeable impact. Then, we would supplement with additional products depending on their needs. Examples would be Complexion Clearing Masque, Exfoliation Accelerator and Acne Control Lotion.

The misery of acne however is not restricted to our teenage years. It can appear later in life as a result of hormonal or lifestyle changes even on previously clear skin. Don’t despair, we can help with a tailored ZO Skin Health regime and treatments.

Often, patients come to see us for help with the historical impact of acne which was left untreated. This can include purple or red pigmentation and scarring which leads to heavy use of make up and self-esteem issues. If this sounds like you, it’s not too late. We can drastically improve all of these concerns with a plan that suits you. We may suggest Tixel, IPL, chemical peels and Celluma LED lights.

So please, if current or historical acne is causing you to feel self-conscious then get in touch. We have seen some amazing success stories from a simple, affordable plan of treatments and products tailored to your needs.

Skincare consultations are FREE and without obligation. Dr Hill will talk about diet, hormones, skin peels, facials and machine treatments. There is so much we can offer…. don’t suffer.

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