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Listening to your body – resting when you’re tired, taking a proper lunch break away from the computer, taking some time out for yourself, going to the toilet when you need to rather than delaying for another hour! Why is it so hard for us to do the things we know we should do for ourselves!?

More and more, we hear about this idea of ‘loving yourself’ but sometimes this can feel a little abstract- after all its not very common that we are taught how to love ourselves, and indeed it can mean different things to different people. 

For some it may be treating yourself, buying something you want, having that facial….but how do we treat ourselves at times of challenge (be it due to stress, grief, trauma etc)? This may also be worth considering. 

Do we speak cruelly to ourselves when we haven’t achieved our hopes or expectations? Do we burn the candle at both ends and still continue to demand more of ourselves? What unhelpful societal messages might we be adopting, internalising or leaving unexamined…..? For example, needing to be a superparent as well as an outstanding, ambitious career driven human being, whilst simultaneously being the best friend, reliable son,daughter, wife or husband….

When we are feeling low, do we speak to ourselves with words of kindness or are we quick to self-castigate? When we examine the tone of our own self talk, does it replicate that of our own critical parents….? 

Surprisingly maybe, it is something that affects all of us, so why not use this month to explore what it means to truly love yourself? Indeed your partner, family, neighbour and friends deserve your love and companionship – yet loving yourself first and foremost, will actually allow you to paradoxically love others more and can be a fundamental ingredient in building a stronger foundation for enhanced health and wellbeing.

Melpo is our in house Counsellor and Life Coach here at Hampton Clinic. She has 12 years of experience working in the field of personal development, emotional & mental health and well-being. If this passage resonated for you and you would find it beneficial to explore how to care for yourself more from the inside out- do contact us at the clinic or Melpo directly for further details about her service. 



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