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So many of our clients come to us concerned about a double chin. A defined neck and jawline has long been considered a sign of beauty, so when it disappears it can be very upsetting, making us feel self-conscious and older than we really are.

Don’t despair! Dr Hill offers free consultations where she will listen to your concerns and establish the root of the problem. Often, it is simply excess fat in this area. Sometimes, this is due to a high BMI but genetics play a part – your body dictates where it stores fat so even very slim people can suffer with a double chin.

Other times, fat is not the problem but skin laxity sometimes coupled with a weak chin.

Whatever the cause, Dr Hill has a solution.

For excess fat, Coolsculpting or Aqualyx are popular treatments. Coolsculpting safely freezes away unwanted fat cells, to reveal your elegant neckline. Aqualyx is a fat dissolving injection. With both of these treatments, once the fat is gone, it is gone for good and can never return.

If skin laxity is the problem, Dr Hill may suggest Morpheus8 for tightening and lifting, or Ultherapy which works at the deepest level to tighten the facial structures.

Often, strengthening and defining the jawline offers significant visual improvement to a double chin and so Dr Hill may consider a dermal filler to enhance this feature, to create definition and balance.

Book your consultation with Dr Hill online, and say goodbye to that double chin for good!

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