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At Hampton Clinic, we are lucky enough to have two world-leading body contouring devices, Coolsculpting Elite and Emsculpt Neo.

Many of our body contouring clients have more than one concern – often wishing to tone their muscles and tighten their skin as well as losing unwanted fat.

So, which treatment is best for you?

If your primary concern is fat loss, then we would usually recommend Coolsculpting Elite as this is more powerful than Emsculpt Neo for pure fat reduction.
While the ideal ‘cool’ candidate is within 2 stone of their goal weight, it is also effective on those who wish to lose a greater volume of fat.
Another plus point of Coolsculpting Elite is that it can be used in more areas, and due to the application process, is very targeted, allowing true ‘sculpting’.

So if you’re concerned with a double chin, back fat, bra fat or male chest, then Coolsculpting Elite can target these areas while Emsculpt Neo cannot.

Coolsculpting Elite can also be used on the abdomen, arms and legs and has this in common with Emsculpt Neo.

Coolsculpting Elite is also suitable to use with metal implants as the process is Cryolipolysis and doesn’t use heat or magnetic energy which mean that this would be unsafe.

Emsculpt Neo is excellent for clients who want to achieve some fat loss but whose primary concern is muscle toning, for strength and functionality as well as aesthetic appearance.

A great example is a skier (like Dr Hill) who wants to prepare their legs as well as possible for a skiing holiday. A visible difference can be seen as well as extra strength and endurance on the slopes.

Another popular reason for undertaking a course of Emsculpt Neo treatment is to strengthen the abdomen after pregnancy both for a flatter appearance, and for core strength. Emsculpt Neo is so powerful that it is clinically proven to reduce ‘diastasis recti’ or abdominal separation 19%, potentially reducing the need for surgery in extreme cases.

A 30 minute session on the abdominal muscles is equivalent to 20,000 sit ups or crunches. Many clients choose to start a course alongside a fitness plan to supercharge their results.

An added benefit of Emsculpt Neo is that the radiofrequency, tightens the skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite. This makes Emsculpt Neo a popular choice for tackling ‘mum tums’ post pregnancy.

To find out for sure which one of these excellent treatments is best for you, book your free assessment and consultation with Dr Hill online.

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