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Dr Hill has earned a reputation for buying only the very best machines and products that the industry has to offer. She researches extensively before she makes these important decisions, so you can rest assured your safety is her first priority!

We’ve been proud owners of the world’s leading fat freezing device, Coolsculpting since 2016. Dr Hill and the team have treated many very satisfied clients, helping them to achieve body confidence and rid themselves of unwanted fat which has been holding them back, sometimes for many years.

Now, the latest chapter of our Coolsculpting journey is unfolding with the arrival of ‘Coolsculpting Elite’ – the state of the art machine which can cut treatment times in half and offer a more streamlined experience for the client and the practitioner. Even more importantly, treatments with the Elite machine are 17% more comfortable than using the original machine which is music to everyone’s ears.

So, not only is it space age and exciting to look at, it will allow clients to have a top to toe Coolsculpting transformation treatment all in one day, and often leave in time for a late lunch, with significantly less discomfort!

True to form, Dr Hill has also invested in the full range of applicators available from Coolsculpting to allow the most precise, sculpted results possible for our clients

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