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We love the pretty scenery and fresh air of the Autumn, and it’s an ideal time to focus on balance and self-care.

As the nights draw in, it’s important to make sure we’re looking after ourselves.

So, what are Dr Hill’s tips from the top about how best to do this?


  • Invest in a multivitamin, such as Skin Fusion by ZENii. This tasty, berry flavoured daily drink is packed full of everything you need to maintain your nutrient levels, and beautiful skin. Beauty and health start from the inside out, so as sunlight levels drop and the cold sets in, make sure you’re fully prepared for the season ahead.


  • Consider a Celluma treatment. Our healing lights are about so much more than just relaxation. When we select the near infrared setting, we target aches and pains. Light rays penetrate deep into the tissues to stimulate microcirculation, repair tissue, and reduce inflammation all of which can worsen in Autumn and Winter months.


  • Treat yourself to a massage. Our talented therapists have healing hands! Massage not only helps to feel relaxed and keep anxiety at bay, but also has many physical benefits including:

Reducing stress and increasing relaxation

Reducing pain and muscle soreness and tension

Improving circulation, energy and alertness

Lowering heart rate and blood pressure

Improving immune function


For personalised advice on how we can help you keep your va-va voom this Autumn, give us a call on 01675 760644 or drop us an email at treatments@hamptonclinic.co.uk





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