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After being welcomed to the Clinic by our super friendly staff and relaxing with a coffee in our tranquil reception area, you will be invited into the consulting room.

The first thing I like to establish, is: what are your concerns? What do you want to achieve? For some it is simply to maintain a healthy youthful complexion, for others it is ageing concerns, or problematic skin such as acne, rosacea, pigmentation or large pores or scarring.

We do have a vast array of skincare treatments at the clinic, but before we embark upon a journey of restoration with in-house treatments, I think it is essential to establish a good skincare regimen at home, to be able to optimise our results.

There are several points I like to address in the first consultation:

Past medical history

Medication history



Diet and nutritional supplements


Current skincare regimen.

After the initial chat, I will examine your skin. To establish your skin type, colour? oily? thick? Fragile? Thin? Laxity?

At this point I like to explain, using a diagram, how skin works, and which products we use and why. I firmly believe that comprehension leads to compliance.buy cialis online forum If you understand why you are using each product, you will find it easy to stick to the regimen that has been tailored to you.

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