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Kelly Briggs

Kelly Briggs

Clinic Manager

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I have spent 11 years in the Beauty/Aesthetics industry as a Clinic Manager, I am passionate about the Aesthetic Industry and seeing the results that clients achieve during their treatments.

Outside of work, in my spare time I like to travel and push myself to the limit, some of my many adventures including, Climbing Everest, Trekking across the Sahara and walking parts of the Great Wall of China. My favourite European destination is Italy, where I spent two weeks cycling and exploring and cannot wait to explore more in the no so distant future.

One thing that most people except those closest to me do not know about me is that If I wasn’t doing a job that I enjoyed I would have been a Criminal Forensic Scientist, as Forensic Science is a big passion of mine and I would like to complete a master’s degree in this field.