Dr Sally Bell

Dr Sally Bell

GP Specialising in Lifestyle and Integrative Medicine



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I qualified in 1999 from Nottingham University with a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (BMBS) and a Bachelor of Medical Science ( BmedSci). I then trained as a GP and completed a Diploma in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

From 2004, I worked for three years overseas with the aid agency, Medair. I provided health care services to over 100,000 incredible Sudanese and Ugandan women.

On returning to the UK, I worked as an inner-city GP and acute care medicine. I decided to grow my expertise in functional medicine and the root causes of disease. So, in 2016, I completed The Institute of Functional Medicine’s Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice Programme. 

Alongside health and wellness health courses, I hold a private clinic for women, run wellness retreats at Michelin-starred Hampton Manor, advise the British Army and regularly speak on health matters at events and on BBC radio.

Recent history has shown the incredible job done by the national health services of the world. And the transformational impact that the conventional medical approach can have on disease.

But, despite this essential work, many of us feel there is much more to health and wellness than these institutions can offer. And, a critical need to move away from managing diseases to focusing on personalised care, focusing on the root cause of the problems instead of suppressing symptoms and considering the whole person as opposed to treating just a part.

This approach is especially the case with chronic disease, the vast majority of which is attributed to our lifestyle decisions. So, alongside conventional medical practices, there is an essential role for lifestyle solutions and a personalised approach to care.

My approach to health and wellness began during my early medical training. I observed the disconnect between the basic sciences teaching on the body’s innate ability to heal and some of the approaches I was taught. As my career progressed, I grew frustrated with treating diseases and not people with a one-size-fits-all approach. I became concerned for female patients, as I became aware on how the basic sciences and much medical research is drawn from the study of men, with women treated as a deviation from this standard with no regard to our cellular, physiological and biological differences. 

My post-natal health problems and being faced with the possibility of lifelong medication inspired me to find a model of health that would get to the root of the problem and give my female patients the chance to restore their vitality for life. 

My approach taps into our body’s inherent ability to heal and respects our unique makeup as women. It draws on the five foundations that underpin our health; nutrition, sleep, rest, movement, and connection to self, others, and nature. It understands how our body, mind, and emotions are integrated. It offers a way to live that is synergistic to our genetic design.

But it doesn’t stop with just an understanding of the healing power of own biological make-up. This approach understands and draws from the science that our human flourishing is deeply connected to the integral role we play within the natural world. Marrying both science and ancient practices, it directs us towards healing the body, community and our land.

As a mother of three wonderful daughters, I am committed to finding solutions that work in real life, modelling self-care that will inspire it in their lives too.

Whether participating in an online course, joining me on a retreat, or meeting in my private clinic in person, my aim is to inspire and empower you with the knowledge and tools that will enable your body to flourish